Nathan Bibb

March 18, 2020

To correct the front page a little, I work for a giant consulting conglomerate that has a smaller division that sells software to insurance companies. You can see more details about my work life on my LinkedIn page.

About nathanbibb.com

I was sure to buy nathanbibb.com early in the internet gold rush. At the time, I wanted to keep and maintain a “blog”. I did for a few years, but then life got in the way. Plus, nowadays having a “blog” seems very “15-years-ago”.

Having one’s own site seemed like a great thing to do back when I started in 2004. Now it seems there is a third party platform for everything you might want to do online - post pictures on Instagram, personal thoughts on Twitter and Facebook, articles on Medium, music on Bandcamp, etc. etc.

So I’m leaving this site’s purpose open ended.


The colors on this site are adopted from the Solarized color palette.

The main image on this site is a picture of me (Nathan Bibb) with our cat Ivy.

This site is built using Hugo with a modified version of the Pulp theme. It is hosted as a static site using Google Cloud Storage.

Local development is done on a System76 Lemur Pro running Pop!_OS linux.